Philosophy of Life with Red Lipstick Lifestyle

A quick blurb of wisdom for my life lesson today. This morning, I woke up nice and early. I got my coffee, watched the sun rise, did some yoga, mindfulness, walked the dog. It was perfect. Then I sat down to work. I set a timer for 2 hours (before I would take a break). […]

Sleepy Time

Happy New Year, Readers! My consistent wishes/ joke has been that I hope 2018 is more amazing than 2017 … which should not be hard given the bar is so low. So how did you celebrate? Both myself and my really good friend, Beverly, realized that both of our beaus were doing their own thing. Hers […]

The Milestone Race

What is life!? LOL How is the work week going, readers? We are just over the “hump” so to speak. I have been productive at both working to complete my master’s thesis and doing some data management for one of my (many) jobs. A topic that has resonated with me lately is the idea of, […]

Feelings of Overwhelm

What am I going to do? I don’t know about anyone else but 2017 has not been my year. I feel like the challenges that have been thrown at me are reminiscent of being the last player left on your team during dodgeball and there are no balls left on your side. Earlier in the […]

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