Philosophy of Life with Red Lipstick Lifestyle

A quick blurb of wisdom for my life lesson today. This morning, I woke up nice and early. I got my coffee, watched the sun rise, did some yoga, mindfulness, walked the dog. It was perfect. Then I sat down to work. I set a timer for 2 hours (before I would take a break). […]

How a fur baby changes your life

Hello everyone! It has been a busy couple of months since my last post. But if you noticed, I did a major overhaul on the design of Red Lipstick Lifestyle. I am more or less satisfied with the turnout, with a few minor adjustments that I need to code manually. However, my digital passion project […]

Drunk Nachos and Life Thoughts

This week has felt like a profound shift for me. After sorting out a variety of life choices, I have finally concluded on a professional pathway that I am happy with, for now. For well over a decade, I have worked tirelessly towards my professional goals. I was/am a straight-A student with multiple scholarships, and […]

A Good Night’s Sleep? Not This Week … or maybe?

On Sunday I woke up uncomfortable with a pinched nerve in my shoulder blade. Let me tell you; the body can turn on you quickly. Something as simple as a knot in my shoulder blade was completely disabling! It made simple tasks, like trying to check my blind spot while driving, painful. Like the workaholic […]

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