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Hey there! I’m Stephanie. I came up with the idea of Red Lipstick Lifestyle to embrace the simplicity and power women have in the 21st century. The idea that in and amongst trying to put the pieces of your life together, there is still an opportunity to know who you are while being confident in the choices you make – the hard, the easy and the ugly. Through this blog, I explode the colour in my mind through words and share with you, the parts of my life that embody my creativity. This blog is my art. And, like the red on my lips, I intend for it to be bold, beautiful and confident. Welcome to Red Lipstick Lifestyle.

My Story and My Inspiration

 I took a long time getting here.
It has not been easy and
there have been a lot of life experiences that shape
the wisdom I carry today.

My friends always refer to me as someone they can speak to about anything – for which I am quick to provide them with clear and rational support. Unfortunately, despite my better judgement, I have not been great at listening to myself.

Up and to this point, my 20s (and realistically, you can just include adulthood from 18 years onward) has been a roller coaster of instances where I should have followed my gut instinct, from poor food choices to poor retail therapy choices and from heart break to heart ache.

During high school – a time when my confidence was high and my only real support was my mother – I got pulled into the office for using the school computers to bypass firewalls and hack into the systems for fun. Reflecting on this in my adulthood, I am utterly disappointed that I was threatened with suspension rather than guided into tech; however, let bygones be bygones. Creativity and technology has been strength for me and I have dabbled in the idea of creating a blog for many years now. I just had no idea where to start. Granted, at this very moment, I have no idea where to start but as in the process of many of my writing endeavours, I know that once I do start, the writing will shape itself. I have broken this blog up into the areas that interest me as well as hold me accountable to be the best version of myself – bold, strong and confident.

A Blurb on the Components of Red Lipstick Lifestyle


My relationship with food has been erratic. While I love to cook wholesome plant-based meals for myself and my family, my early years of university consisted heavily of burgers, bagels and way too much caffeine. While I have brought this down substantially over the years, I find myself slipping during times of stress and when deadlines are approaching. This includes forgetting to eat at all during the day and filling up on XL Tim’s coffee. Once the shakes of over-caffeination subside, I am usually left feeling terrible and passing out exhausted. I will admit that I am still learning how to balance proper nutrition with a busy professional lifestyle; however, I am hoping that by sharing this journey and having positive conversations about food, I will learn to be held accountable in balancing my nutrition when life gets out of hand.

Exercise Challenges:

Exercise in this blog is 100% accountability. I know how good it is to keep your body active. I used to dance during high school for 80 minutes daily in addition to practice at home. During this time, I was happier and healthier. Remember how earlier I mentioned that 18+ my life came crashing into pieces? I think the fact I gave up the time I used to have to take care of myself had a substantial impact on that. This section of my blog will be a physical discovery piece where I figure out what works for me and how I can be held accountable to pursue my physical health in taking it in as much importance as my professional goals.


September 2014, after being left completely shaken by life’s experiences, I met a gentleman. Maciej has taught me a lot of after I have picked up the pieces of my life which caused a response of major retail therapy. I bought things as a coping mechanism. And while I have done alright despite my retail therapy, it was not until January, after watching the documentary Minimalism on Netflix and observing my partner’s tendencies to live very simply where I finally got a grip and started making changes. Minimalism appeals to me because it has forced me to reconsider my values at some of my lowest points. Again, this section of my blog is an accountability piece, but one that I am very excited to explore further. I found that by decluttering the stuff, I have learnt to see what is truly important in attempting to live a meaningful life that is true to my essence. And, I am indebted to Maciej for making me face this reality when I did.


I, Stephanie, am not great at caring for my mental health. I am someone who is incredibly passionate and feels intensely. I carry a transformative optimism in my professional field and it has helped me support so many growing minds; however, it has also gotten me in trouble. This is not to say that I would change any part of me in this regard. When I feel angry, I am driven to make change. When something upsets me, I am driven to make change. When something inspires me, I am driven to make change. All of these characteristics are who I am. But sometimes, the anxiety of carrying it all comes out physically. This is something I need to do to take care of myself. My mindful practices are an attempt to inspire those who are passionate to remember that you cannot be the best version of yourself for others if you do not take care of yourself in the first place. This section of my blog is dedicated to this philosophy.


After exploring the minimalist lifestyle for the past 7 months, one this that has been at the forefront of my exploration is how to experience life. I love to travel, I love to explore locally, and I love to experience these things with my partner-in-crime, Maciej. This area will present itself as a photo journal of some of my experiences as well as document some of the life lessons that emerge.

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